Platform: You Manage - We Support

The Best Platform in The Industry. Deployed in a Highly Flexible Model For Maximum Affordability For Contact Centres Of All Sizes.

Platform Plus: We Manage - We Support

Analytics Platform Plus Our World Class Program Management and Analyst Resources For A Completely Hands Off Approach.

Your Platform: We Make It Work Better

Use Our World Class Analytics Program Consulting And Analyst Resources To Help Get The Most Out Of Your Existing Platform. We Can Be Your Analytics Department.

Gain-Share: Risk Free Partnership

We Only Get Paid Out Of The Savings Or Sales We Generate for YOU!

Contact Center Consulting: The Secret Sauce

Deep Contact Centre Subject Matter Experts In All Areas. Operations Review, Future State Definition, Gap Analysis With Roadmap, KPI Development, Business Requirements Definition, RFI/RFP/ITQ Development, QA Program and Knowledge Management.

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Run a proof of concept with your own data, and let experts build an initial setup based on your business requirements. Prove speech analytics is the right fit for your business and find the ways it will pay for itself.        


How It Would Help Your Business


Assess Agent Performance: Are they conforming to company/brand policy, compliance monitoring, or completely automate your QA program.     


Help Supervisors: Pinpoint coaching opportunities at a glance without listening to calls. Learn from high performing agents. 


Increase Sales/Collections: Learn what language works and when to use it – objections and rebuttals, upselling, follow up and closing.     


Customer & Competitive Insights: Hear what customers are saying about your products, services, your company and your competition.     


Improve Marketing: What marketing strategy and campaigns are working, and which are not and why.      


 Ottawa, ON. Canada