Speech Analytics Test Drive & Proof of concept


Enterprise Speech Analytics Proof Of Concept

You have heard of Speech (text) Analytics, and know that one day it will be mainstream. 

You know that others are using it and being very successful, and of course others not so much (why is that?).

How can Speech Analytics help you? It can be a large investment to just guess, or be sold on vague concepts by vendors.

We have the answer!

As Speech Analytics and Contact Centre experts, we bring the best of both worlds to helping you figure this out. For a fraction of the cost of an implementation, we can help you to understand how it will really help you with YOUR OWN DATA.

We will help you to understand what it can and cannot do, so you can set expectations for your business case and business requirements should you need to go to RFP so that you are confident your decision is grounded in accurate information.

We have worked with very small to very large customers and have had tremendous success grounding the opportunity in reality and helping customers to confidently make a decision either way.

Please contact info@wiltonassociates.ca and we can discuss whats important to you and how we can help.