Enterprise Speech Analytics for the Call Center

Speech (Contact) Analytics is the leading solution to improve contact center and enterprise performance through conversational analytics (text and speech analytics). It immediately reveals insights from automated analysis of communications between you and your customers across multiple channels – including phone, email, chat, social and more.

Delivered as a cloud-based or on premise call center monitoring solution, It is transforming call center performance management with the following key capabilities:

  • Captures customer conversations and associated metadata from any source communication system (call recorders, chat systems) and across multiple contact center sites and locations.
  • Converts customer interactions (calls, chats, emails, social) into a consistent format for analysis.
  • Automatically evaluates every contact for sentiment/acoustics, categorization, and performance scoring.
  • Allows for free form search to find and playback contacts containing certain words and phrases or sharing other characteristics in a familiar web search user experience
  • Allows for evaluation and comparison of performance and key metrics using data visualization.
  • Determines Root cause through auto topic analysis and automatically identifying outliers
  • NEW Allows viewing and measuring key performance indicators across the entire omni-channel customer journey through intuitive visualization
  • NEW Provides powerful Application Programming Interface (API) with Software Development Kit (SDK) to enable easy extract of interaction analytics data and greater speed in developing customer workflows
  • NEW Enables manual tagging, commenting and score adjustments to supply quality monitoring and agent coaching workflows

Industry Leading Insights Engine

Performance insight from conversational analytics is delivered through the analyst application, which provides flexible ad-hoc analysis of your customer interactions. The powerful search and discovery features allow analysts to find and play back contacts containing certain words and phrases or other characteristics. Eureka also helps determine root causes through topic analysis and automatic outlier identification.

Speech Analytics Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Originally built to scale for the largest enterprises and data, it’s product capabilities include all channels of customer conversations including calls, chat, email, and social, and offers solutions for both large enterprises and smaller call centers.

The Agent Portal automates the performance management process by providing direct call center performance feedback to managers, supervisors, and agents.

Live brings real time quality monitoring to call center supervisors and analysts by automatically monitoring in progress calls for the presence or absence of specific language or acoustic characteristics.

Light delivers the power of the enterprise platform in packages specifically tailored to smaller call centers for automated customer service quality scoring, sales effectiveness evaluation, or collections compliance risk mitigation.

For Customer Service: General agent quality for customer service and support organizations
For Collections: Compliance and risk mitigation for collections agencies
For Sales:  Agent sales effectiveness for sales organizations

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 Enterprise Speech Analytics for 20 agents and up